Headwind Hunter iPhone App - Aerospace Avionics for Your Vehicle

Headwind Hunter makes aerospace technology once only reserved for pilots available to all. Headwind Hunter can increase fuel efficiency up to 20% by knowing when a fuel wasting headwind exists, and allowing you to intelligently reduce speed - only when it makes sense.  This powerful tool is the latest in adaptive fuel efficiency technology.   By sourcing hyper-local weather data, Headwind Hunter creates a virtual airspeed sensor in your car and let's the driver visualize the wind relative to their vehicle direction. The app provides a top down view of wind direction and magnitude on a vehicle. It's just the beginning of next generation aerodynamics.


By sourcing hyper local weather data, Headwind Hunter creates a virtual airspeed sensor that increases fuel efficiency up to 20%. Visualize real time aerodynamic drag force and see headwind or tailwind relative to vehicle direction. 

Headwind Hunter FEATURES:

* real time calculation of aerodynamic drag force on your vehicle
* historical chart of aerodynamic drag force on your vehicle (real time in orange, average drag
force in white)
* rotating wind direction indicator - from a top down view
* rotating RED and BLUE wind direction arrows. RED arrows light up for headwind, BLUE arrows
light up for tailwind
* estimated Airspeed "A" and Groundspeed "G" indicator at the center of the rotating arrows
* near real-time wind data from local weather stations


* NOW PAYING label is the amount you are currently paying per gallon of fuel due to headwind/tailwind effects (i.e., if you purchased gas at $2.99/gallon and experience a 10% MPG PENALTY, your effective fuel cost is $3.29. OR a 10% MPG BOOST during a tailwind results in a $2.69 fuel cost)

* MPG PENALTY/MPG BOOST label is the percent change in miles per gallon due to a headwind or tailwind. PENALTY/BOOST is calculated with respect to zero headwind or tailwind at your current ground speed.

* NET WIND EFFECT label is the net accumulated fuel cost penalty or savings from wind. A net cost penalty is a positive number, and net cost savings is shown as a negative number. Net Wind Effect is only calculated when the app is open and calculated with respect to MPG at your groundspeed without wind.

* HEAD WIND DETECTED: SLOW DOWN! means you currently have a headwind, drive more slowly or safely draft behind another vehicle to improve fuel economy.

* "TAILWIND DETECTED: SPEED UP!" means you currently have a tailwind (nice!). Either drive faster with a minimal fuel economy penalty to make up time or keep the same speed and increase MPG.


* km/h mode for metric speed and drag force units
* voice airspeed alerts and headwind/tailwind alerts for hands free operation
* night mode red color theme to improve night vision
* disable auto lock mode keeps the app open until manually closed (requires app restart to become effective)


* touch for different preset vehicle drag and fuel economy profiles
* CUSTOM uses an autoscale chart range
* default fuel price is $3.00/gallon. Click CUSTOM to enter fuel price manually.
* If no other custom values are entered, select another preset vehicle configuration button after entering the custom fuel price. The custom fuel price will still be saved for other VEHICLE CONFIGURATION presets.


BIG RIG - A heavy duty tractor trailer with 18 wheels.
Coefficient of drag: 0.60
Cross sectional area: 112 square feet
Highway MPG: 6.75
TRUCK/SUV (or minivan): A large truck, full size SUV.
Coefficient of drag: 0.40
Cross sectional area: 33.5 square feet
Highway MPG: 22
CAR: A large 4 door passenger car.
Coefficient of drag: 0.31
Cross sectional area: 24 sq feet
Highway MPG: 33
MOTOBIKE: A motorcycle.
Coefficient of drag: 0.70
Cross sectional area: 5.5 sq feet
Highway MPG: 33
HYBRID: A compact hybrid like the leading 4 door hatchback.
Coefficient of drag: 0.25
Cross sectional area: 22.6 sq feet
Highway MPG: 48
ELEC CAR: The leading 4 door luxury electric car.
Coefficient of drag: 0.24 ELEC CAR (0.30 ELEC SUV estimate)
Cross sectional area: 25.8 square feet, (30 square feet ELEC SUV estimate)
Highway MPGe: 90, (85 ELEC SUV estimate)
Fuel Cost: recommend using CUSTOM fuel price of $4.71 per gallon gasoline equivalent ($0.14 kWh)

* quickly identify cross wind based on RED or BLUE arrows
* cross wind can occur from a change in wind direction or direction of travel